Where did religion originate?

Mostly every person in this world is associated with some religion. People have always thought of Gods who look out for them for their wellbeing. Religions provide a common ground to people of the same or different areas of cultural communication and brotherhood. Religions unite the people due to the same beliefs, religious practices, shared ideologies, religious events, and holy places.

What is religion?

Dictionary describes religion as the set of beliefs and worship of superhuman controlling power or a particular faith and worship system. Religion is socio-cultural a system of designated behaviors, practices, beliefs, spiritual elements, sacred things, and festivals.

The religion originated with the invention of writing. Before that, people studied religious beliefs. But with the invention of writing, standardized religious texts were available to the followers, and practices of teaching were introduced. It goes back to about 5,220 years ago (3200 BC). The major religions are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Hundreds of thousands of people are followers of these regions all across the world. These religions developed about almost the same time.

Hinduism: Considered as the oldest religion

Some people consider Hinduism the oldest religion in the world. Today it is the third-largest religion after Islam and Christianity. Its roots back to about 4000 years. The people living in Indus Valley developed the caste system. Brahmans were the priest, teachers, and scholars. They were the highest member of society. The lowest members among them were those who deal with human waste, and they were considered impure by the other member of the society.

Hindus believed in many gods. They had the faith that humans have many lives, and after death, they will get a new life, which will be based on previous karma.

So this is how from caste system were originated, which gave birth to Hinduism. Over time, religions kept on originating, such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Where did five major religions originate?

The five major religions of the world originated in the Eastern Hemisphere. The Abrahamic Faith, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all began in the Middle East’s same vicinity. They grew in the Middle East areas and afterward spread into different areas all over the world. Buddhism and Hinduism, on the other hand, originated in India.

Which Holy Book came first?

Holy Book is the one who has sacred text. Every religion has its own Holy Books like the Bible for Christians and the Quran for Muslims. But if we talk about the first-ever religious texts, it was definitely from Hinduism. The book Hindus named “Rig Veda,” which is a scripture of Hinduism. It is dated between 1500-1200 BCE. It was one of the oldest known complete religious texts that survived the modern age.

Who was the first God ever?

It is reported that the possible oldest documented monotheistic religion was Atenism in ancient Egypt. So, according to the people, then the first God, the creator of the universe, was Aten.