Is Christian life fulfilling?

A fulfilled life is defined as a happy and satisfied life because of fully developing one’s abilities. Fulfilled life comes from developing habits that lead to self-contentment and joy. To live a fulfilled Christian life, we must make sure that our daily routine tasks help us to grow in Christ. We should grow in our relationship with God.

“I pray that you may get active in sharing your belief so that you will have a full comprehension of every good thing we have in Christ. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints.” Philemon 1:6-7

There are three primary sources of fulfillment for those Christians who follow Jesus. Fulfillment of life is not related to worldly things like money, possessions, power, prestige, or achievement! These three things are:

  • You can start sharing about Jesus with those who do not know Him
  • Understanding all the right things which are ours in Christ
  • Refreshing other believers through loving service.

Ways to achieve a fulfilled Christian life

Hewe are some ways that you can achieve a fulfilling Christian life if you are already not.

  1. Read Bible daily

Read the Bible and try to understand faith. Do not only read out to meet obligations but try to make it meaningful and intentional.

  • Strong prayer

The best way to connect with God is through prayer. Saying a prayer daily, talking with God, and communicating your thoughts is very important. If you make a strong connection with God, it will lead you to a more fulfilled Christian life.

  • Have faith in the Holy Spirit

Being a Christian, you should have strong faith in God’s choices that whatever path is chosen for you by Jesus is perfect for you. He knows better than you what is right. This Holy Spirit will lead to a fulfilling Christian life.

  • Attend Church regularly

Attending Church regularly makes you more encouraged for prayer. The people in the Church encourage you and give you the message of brotherhood.

  • Share God’s love

Jesus Christ teaches us to spread love to our fellow beings. We should share God’s love by revealing love through our actions. This includes helping your fellows under challenging times.

Find joy in the ordinary.

People in today’s world struggle to achieve a fulfilled life but do not follow the right path. Many of those people do not understand that they cannot attain fulfillment even if they have gotten all the wealth and material things in their life. Fulfillment can be attained only by the grace of God. When the believer depends on God for the supply of his needs and is satisfied with what is given, it is stated that the believer is living.

Final Words: Is Christian life fulfilling?

The right answer to this question lies in the way how you follow the principles of your God. If you perform the duties of Christianity just as an obligation and do not include or try following these basic principles in your daily life, it is worth saying that Christian life is not fulfilling. It is also worth noting that religion brings a different kind of fulfilment. It’s not the same fulfilment you would feel by regularly exercising, instead it’s more of a spiritual fulfilment. A person who follows the spiritual teachings achieves a fulfilled life and self-satisfaction.