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CityReach Network is not just a faith-based organization… it’s a church-planting movement with a vision to aggressively reach cities and communities with the hope of Jesus Christ. Using unlikely people in overlooked places to do extraordinary things, CityReach Network now has 57 established churches across 10 different states. With a collective capacity to host almost 10,000 people every Sunday morning… we are making an impact in a world that needs God more today than any other time in history!

However, the heart and mission of CityReach Network is ‘Reaching the One who is far from God‘ and our vision is to rebuild broken lives. We are doing just that through our Hope Homes Ministry.

CityReach Hope Homes provide a place of hope and freedom for people dealing with life-controlling issues or desperate situations. With concentrations on spiritual discipleship and life disciplines reinforced by prayer, bible study, volunteerism and work programs, men and women are held accountable and encouraged to reach their full potential in a faith-filled, family-style atmosphere.

The amount of lives that have already been changed and restored are many, but we have only just begun!

There are currently 16 CityReach Hope Homes throughout the country and a need for many more. The cost of owning and operating each CityReach Hope Home is approximately $50,000 per year and most of that revenue is raised through in-house work services programs and other donations. The systems and financial discipline that we incorporate into this ministry allow us to operate at almost 100% capacity at every location.


CityReach Network was recently blessed with an opportunity to expand our current work services programs as well as our quantity of CityReach Hope Homes. A very generous supporter of this ministry has promised to match every donation made to CityReach Hope Homes… dollar for dollar… up to $100,000!

In order to receive the total amount of this gift, we need your help! We are asking and praying for your support to help us to obtain that full amount. This would be a total of $200,000… enough to expand and secure CityReach Hope Homes into more cities and restoring hope to many more lives.

Click here to give!

If making a donation via cash or check, please mail to:

CityReach Network
8000 Brooktree Road, Suite 300,
Wexford, PA 15090
ATTN: CityReach Hope Homes

This is an incredible opportunity, but if you aren’t able to help us out financially, we ask you to pray with us for the continued impact CityReach Hope Homes is making with people as well as for His Kingdom.

God Bless… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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