A Power Stronger Than Evil

After a long and thoughtful search for meaning, Joseph Friedland became a Christian at age 20. Before he met Christ, Joseph tried to figure out what was missing in his life and sought to fill that void with anything that might provide answers. “I was a pretty serious baseball player and I did well academically, but there was something missing deep inside,” Joseph said. He looked everywhere for answers, including turning to the occult. “But when I came to Christ, it was like a big light went on. I never looked back and became quickly involved with the church, where I have stayed and grown for the last 25 years.”

Pastor Joseph’s background allows him to connect with people who are far from God and communicate the gospel in a way people can understand.

My family background was pretty rough and I experienced a lot of problems. I now use my experiences as a means to communicate the reality of evil and – more importantly – the power of the gospel to change people.
Pastor Joseph Friedland

Since they moved into their community 13 years ago, Joseph and his wife Janet have sensed a growing burden for people. As they prayed for God’s leading, they discovered that over 10,000 people live in their area, but there are only two English speaking churches.

We can’t grow when we are comfortable and it became clear that God wanted us to leave our home church of 25 years and step out in faith.
– Pastor Joseph Friedland

CityReach Church Brossard will make its home inside of one of Canada’s largest malls. The Friedlands developed a relationship with the owner of a movie theater in the mall and arranged to hold their weekly Saturday morning services in the theater. “We will be having our services right there in the same building where families are going to watch kid’s movies, so we’ll have built-in evangelism opportunities every time we meet!” Pastor Joseph said.

The Friedlands, along with their team, are eager to launch their church this September.

There is nothing that compares to seeing life change in “the one that is far from God.” The thrill and excitement of seeing the evidence of a changed life is a huge reason why I am a pastor today.
– Pastor Joseph Friedland

This fall, CITYREACH NETWORK is breaking ground in Canada with two church plants and plans for many more.

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