Passion Ignited at Death’s Fingertips

Delroy Robinson grew up in the church and at the age of thirteen, he devoted his life to Christ. Early on, Delroy became active in the church and grew in a solid foundation of faith and Biblical teaching. Though he was sheltered from “worldly” ways and did not experience many of the things his peers were involved in, Delroy faced other challenges that come with being saved at an early age. During high school, Delroy learned to defend his Christian beliefs. “There were times that I was criticized and called names, but I was able to survive the temptations I was faced with because I relied on God’s strength and Spirit,” Delroy said.

Delroy became a youth pastor and spent many years serving young people in his church. But, twice in his life, he brushed death’s fingertips and was spared.

The first time, Delroy was visiting his friend’s apartment when a colleague pulled out a gun and demanded a shoot-out. Delroy, afraid of what might happen to him, cried out to God. “I remember telling the Lord that if he could just spare me, I would do more work for him,” he recalls. Miraculously, the situation was resolved with no shots fired and no one hurt.

Then, the next year, Delroy faced the terrifying possibility of death again. Late at night, he was sitting by his broken down car waiting for help when suddenly police arrived and two officers came towards Delroy with guns pointing right at him. The officers had mistaken him for someone else and once again God protected him from danger.

I don’t know what would have happened to me if it had not been for the Lord on my side. – Pastor Delroy Robinson

These two experiences ignited a new passion to serve God at the next level. After many years of ministry as a youth pastor, Delroy felt the call to reach people outside of the church who haven’t yet experienced God.

I began to pray and seek answers from God. It became clear to me that the Lord was calling me to plant a church. – Pastor Delroy Robinson

Delroy knew God was leading him in a new direction and a new season of ministry. He and his wife, Dawn, were surprised at the number of “unchurched” in their community and realized a dream to reach those far from God through planting a church.

Delroy and Dawn were planning on their own with little support. Then, they found CITYREACH NETWORK.

Finding CityReach was a game changer. The mission and vision of the Network fit perfectly with what the Lord had laid on my heart. –Pastor Delroy Robinson

CityReach Church Coral Springs will launch September 18, 2016, along with over 20 other CITYREACH NETWORK plants. The Robinsons have spent time getting to know the city and its needs and talking with people in their community. We can’t wait to see God’s work done in Coral Springs!

Group from CityReach Church Coral Springs
CityReach Coral Springs
CityReach Coral Springs event

To find out more about CityReach Church Coral Springs, click here:

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