One Day for the World: We’re Better Together!

On May 15, 2016, CITYREACH NETWORK will bring the weight and power of the entire network together to reach the world with the gospel. Our vision is one day, one network, and $100,000 to reach 100,000 people with the gospel.

On this day, CityReach Churches all over the country will preachon global missions, pray for the lost people groups in the world, and provide funding to make this possible.

This summer, CityReach Global Missions will be joining our partner, Mission SOS, in Kampala, Uganda for a massive evangelistic festival. The expected $100,000 raised will cover the cost of this festival.

Mission SOS leads and facilitates Signs & Wonders Festivals all over Africa and Southeast Asia. To date, they have held over 70 festivals around the world and have witnessed hundreds of thousands of souls saved by Jesus. As a result of the festivals, over 600 churches have been planted.

Justin Maslanka, a CITYREACH NETWORK regional pastor, joined Missions SOS on a trip a few years ago. “Let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing. There were outreaches all day all over the city, people giving their lives to Jesus. I ended up in a factory one afternoon preaching the gospel to an entire factory and nearly every single person gave their life to the lord. Later that evening, we gathered in a stadium, where the gospel was preached to thousands and thousands of people. There were signs and wonders and miracles. Deaf ears were opened, blind eyes saw. During the festival nights, people gave their lives to Jesus Christ in numbers that were absolutely amazing,” he described.

“People gave their lives to Jesus Christ in numbers that were absolutely amazing.” – Pastor Justin Maslanka

The upcoming festival will take place in Uganda this summer from June 8th-12th. Over 240 people from all over the world will meet in Kampala to help Mission SOS facilitate the festival. The team will go on outreaches during the days to minister to people around the city and invite them to the evening festival. At the festival, we are expecting healings, deliverances, and salvations on a massive scale. An estimated 100,000 people will attend the festival over 5 days.

CITYREACH NETWORK is thrilled to bring together the power of over 50 CityReach Churches all over the United States to make One Day for the World possible. It is only together that we can make this happen!

“Don’t let $100,000 scare you. It will only take a dollar or two from each of our church members to be able to pull it off! Every dollar will count. We are better together!” said Fernando DeCarvalho, Director of CityReach Global Missions.

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