From the Mission Field: Healing

We arrived at Kazo Grounds enormously excited, yet also nervous. What was about to happen?! For many, this was our first time experiencing anything like this. Others were well-seasoned in SOS festivals and had been coaching us on what to expect.

This is what we’ve been preparing for over the last year. Thousands have been praying and fasting for these festival nights here in Kampala. At our outreaches, we’ve been fine tuning our skits, preaching our best messages, sharing the gospel and praying for the people we meet. It’s all been in preparation for these nights.

The evening began with music, dancing, and skits – to which the crowd of many thousand sang and danced along to! Then Johannes Amritzer preached and gave everyone in the crowd the opportunity to receive salvation. Following this, Johannes invited anyone in need of physical healing to come forward for prayer, where our team was waiting in anticipation and faith.

“When Jesus died on the cross, he said, ‘it is finished.’ You cannot add anything to the resurrection and you cannot take away anything from the resurrection. Tonight the resurrected Jesus will heal the sick as we move in faith,” Johannes called out.

And right away, many came forward.

John (Northeast Ministry School)

What an incredible night at my first SOS Festival! God was moving as people stepped away from the enemy and closer to Him. Many were healed and set free from oppression. Last night, a man came up to me and asked me to pray for his leg. I put my hand on it and did feel something was wrong, but I thought it was not visible. After praying we tested to see if it felt better, but it didn’t. He then lifted his pant leg and revealed a mass that was almost the size of my hand. I started to pray again, declaring promises of God. As this was happening, the area on his leg was getting so hot it was hard to touch and it started to shrink to almost nothing. He started to proclaim right there that there was no more pain!

To God be the glory! It is not us, but Him, that is moving in this city.

John preaching during outreach


I stood on the side of the stage where people who had received healing came to share with us what happened. One of our translators saw me standing there and came running. “Can you believe this? This is a miracle!”

The look on his face was pure shock, amazement, awe, and wonder. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to where a young woman was standing. She had been deaf in one ear since birth, with very poor hearing in the other ear. It effected everything in her life: she couldn’t work, she had trouble in school, and her friends and family frequently thought she was ignoring them. But one from our team had prayed for her tonight and miraculously she could hear clearly! “Praise God!” she said, “I am so happy Jesus has healed me today.”

What impacted me the most in this moment was not the girl’s healing (though I was amazed), but the reaction from the man who wanted to share her story so passionately. How often do I respond to the miraculous like this translator did? God has performed countless miracles here in Africa this week, but certainly in my own life as well. How often do I run to people watching from the sidelines and share with wonder the things He has done for me? Can you believe it? He loves me, He redeemed me. This is a miracle!

Woman healed of deafness during festival

Thanks for joining us on this adventure! Please keep our team in your prayers this week.

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