From the Mission Field: Deliverance

In this series, we’ve been following Heidi Allison from CITYREACH NETWORK as she traveled to Kamapla, Uganda with Mission SOS on an SOS Adventure trip. Mission SOS works closely with CityReach Global Missions and we are thrilled to be a part of this as we “reach the ones” in Africa.

Directly in front of me is the stage. To my left I see tens of thousands of people who are here at the festival. “Tonight will be a night of deliverance,” Johannes Amritzer roars from the stage.

Behind me, the demon tent waits empty. We’ve been told how this will work. This is where love and power come together, they tell us. This is where demons are cast out.

This is where love and power come together, they tell us

I’m uneasy a little bit. I’ve been a Christian most of my life, but these kinds of “signs and wonders” have never been a part of my faith. I don’t understand them and I don’t know their place in our world or in my life. But I want to learn and I want to know.

It’s never been my dream to come to Africa to preach the gospel and heal the sick. Others probably would have been much better suited for this sort of trip than me. But I had to see this. I had to watch with my own eyes what I’ve heard about. I had to see it and I had to know what was true.

And all of a sudden I hear a shout, “Everybody move!” and I see men running towards us, carrying a girl who is screaming and whose limbs are violently flailing. I look at her face. She might be unconscious. There’s not life inside of her, just tremors and twitches and shouts. They carry her into the tent and I look back at the crowd. The calming music plays, the people smile, others cry. It’s like there are two separate worlds here on this field.

Woman being carried at the festival
Worship during festival

I stand here, the empty in-between space, for several minutes. I’m not ready for the intensity of being inside that tent, but I know I can’t leave Africa without seeing what I’ve come to see. I glance inside the tent and I see a Ugandan woman I hadn’t seen before, smiling and talking with the team members. Then it hits me. This is the women who was carried into the tent kicking and screaming. I don’t even recognize her except that she has the same clothes on.

She walks out with an elegance. She has the peace of a dove and a grateful smile on her face.

I make my way inside the crowded tent and already there are 13 people there, each of them lying on the ground with several of our team members sitting by them, struggling to hold them still and pray more powerfully than the demons’ screams. It’s loud: I hear the screams, all in a sort of dark melody with each other, and I hear the prayers.

I hear the screams, all in a sort of dark melody with each other, and I hear the prayers

I come closer to one woman. Her eyes roll back into her head and all I can really focus on are the screams coming from her that are chilling deep in my core. Then I hear louder, “In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out, demon! Jesus has purchased her already!”

I’m outside of the tent again and I turn towards the stage.

We sing:

There is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain
I hear the chains falling

And inside the tent, the chains are falling. I look around again and slowly, but surely, people who’d just been bound, chained and enslaved by this mysterious force, were standing up, smiling again, talking to the team members, and praying with them.

I wipe the tears out of my eyes quickly and then it’s time to go. We get on the bus and head back to our hotel, where the staff greets us with an applause. Our team leader tells us it’s not because they’re paid to show hospitality towards us, it’s because they’ve heard about what the people in the green shirts are doing for their city.

SOS Team prayers for people during festival
CityReach Global Missions

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

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