From the Mission Field: Arrival

Written by Heidi Allison 

Ki kati! Greetings from Uganda!

This week, we’ll be highlighting an SOS Adventure mission trip to Kampala, Uganda. SOS Adventure, in partnership with Mission SOS and CityReach Global Missions, will be facilitating large scale Signs & Wonders Festivals and sending outreach teams to the streets prior to the festivals. Over 240 people from all over the world have joined the mission team and arrived this weekend in Kampala, which is home to 1.5 million. Uganda is known as “the pearl of Africa” because of its magnificence: rich scenery, diverse wildlife, and fresh fruits and vegetables at arm’s reach.

CityReach Global Missions engages with and equips churches to participate in reaching the world with the gospel. Last month, CITYREACH NETWORK held “One Day for the World,” which brought together the weight of the network’s 50+ churches to raise the funds needed to cover this festival week in Kampala.

We can’t wait to see the impact of this trip here in Uganda and in each of the team members!


In a quick moment, I was all of the sudden signed up for a mission trip to Africa.

“Sorry this is so last minute,” they said, “but we need an answer today. Do you want to go to Africa?”

I said yes without any hesitation. I love an adventure and I knew this would be a crazy one. And then, I made myself busy for the next month so that I wouldn’t have a chance to think about how nervous I really was.

I’ve heard stories of these trips with Mission SOS – legendary stories – and the things that’ve happened are out of this world…literally. The blind see, the crippled walk, the deaf hear. Hearing those stories is pretty incredible, but being in the middle of it experiencing those wild stories? I wasn’t sure if that was for me.

The mission field is no place for faux-confidence and I knew, coming here, my fear would have to be realized. I finally picked up my journal on our last leg of travel and started to write.

Father, give me the courage to do what You’ve called me to do with reckless abandon. Open my eyes and let me see You.

Before the trip, our team leader Fernando told us, “What you expect is what you’ll see. Come expecting.” I’m expecting! I’m expecting God to open my eyes to His great power and I’m expecting to return home changed.

Tiffany (Mission SOS)

On Sunday, our team split up and preached at many of the local churches. I had the opportunity to preach at a beautiful church of about 200 and I preached on the Holy Spirit. There’s always that moment before you do something when you think, Is this going to happen? Am I going to do this? But we just decided: either we’re going to do it or we’re going to go home.

We saw over 60 people come up and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and we saw numerous healings. It was incredible to come with the gospel and then to see it happen right before your eyes. We felt so grateful to be chosen to come here. The gospel was completely finished by Jesus, but we now have the opportunity to live it out and experience it here in Uganda.

We’re fired up and we can’t wait to see what God does the rest of this week here in Kampala!

Matt (Allison Park Church)

I had a lot of hesitations coming into this mission trip. I had doubts about myself and thought I was inadequate. I’m a new Christian and I had doubts of the power of the Holy Spirit being released through me. Coming on this trip, that was something that I really wanted: to experience the power of the Holy Spirit.

We got to church to preach and I knew it was my mission to pray for healing. There was an older gentleman who came up at the end and asked for prayer for physical healing. I could see he was limping and wincing in pain. I just knew: this is my guy. I’m going to pray for him.

I remembered reading Johannes’ book about the power of healing and asking “Do you believe Jesus can do this? Do you believe He can heal you?” I think I asked him 4 times. Each time, the response was “yes,” but it got more and more powerful and strong. He just belted it out on the 4th time. I began to pray. It was powerful. I could sense the Holy Spirit as his body started to shake. I thought he was going to fall over. Finally I stood up and I asked him to jump. He began to jump like a little kid and you could see the joy in his eyes. After that moment, he went back to his seat and began to tell the people around him. It was a powerful moment to be a part of.

Don’t ever doubt yourself. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Jesus died on the cross for us and we are so worthy. He will meet us and use us where we are.

Check back soon for part two!

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