Meet the Leaders: Mark Novales

Mark Novales grew up in East Chicago, Indiana. He was raised in a Spanish Pentecostal church in an area with a lot of gang activity. At 17 years old, Mark joined the army and shortly afterwards he had an encounter with God and gave his life to the Lord.

Mark got married and moved to Philadelphia. With two kids, he and his wife had settled into a happy life.

Many years later, he was impacted by a question posed by a good friend: “What are you doing for God?” Prompted by the impact his friend had on so many people, Mark went to seminary. Right away, he felt a call to plant a church and, for a time, he served as a youth pastor in his local church. Then he found CityReach.

Mark began the process of planting a church and in 2013, Pastor Mark and his wife launched CityReach Church Philly.

Our church has grown because God wanted it to. He’s the one that makes things happen. He’s the one that brings transformation.

– Pastor Mark Novales

Today, Mark also serves as a Regional Pastor with CITYREACH NETWORK, encouraging and supporting other CityReach pastors in his area.

Check out the video above to get to know Pastor Mark better!

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CityReach Church Philly
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