Meet the Leaders: Brian and Natalie Bolt

After Brian Bolt discovered his calling to become a pastor and church planter, he relocated to Pittsburgh and launched the first CityReach Church and Hope Home in 2006. The church quickly took off and Pastor Brian founded CITYREACH NETWORK in 2010, which exists to plant life-giving churches and provide support for their lifetime.

Today, Brian leads CITYREACH NETWORK as Founder and President. He and his wife Natalie provide leadership and oversight for the 50+ CityReach Churches all over the country. They also travel the country meeting with prospective church planters and visiting CityReach Churches.

What else do you know about Pastor Brian? What does he enjoy doing? Where does he love to travel? What does he say are the most rewarding and most challenging parts of leadership?

Watch the video above to get to know Brian and Natalie!

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