Launch Sunday Makes an Impact

What an amazing weekend we had all across the US and in Canada! Great teams were put on the field and God did amazing things.

• Over 120 salvations
• Over 2,200 people in total attendance
• Over 20 CityReach Churches launched
• Thousands served in community outreaches before Launch Day

The exciting part is that each one of those numbers represent real people. Reach the one: that’s what we’re all about at CityReach. At the very heart of each CityReach Church is a call and passion to reach people who find themselves far from God.

Here are just a few pictures from Launch Day:

Day of Hope
Day of Hope outreach
Day of Hope

CityReach Churches across Atlanta join with Convoy of Hope for Day of Hope outreaches in six locations before launching their churches.

Coral Springs

CityReach Church Coral Springs’ launch team prepares for their service.

CityReach Brossard

Pastor Joe Friedland welcomes people to CityReach Church Brossard.

CityReach Church North Douglasville
CityReach Church North Douglasville

Over 400 people in attendance at CityReach North Douglasville’s launch service.

CityReach Church Endicott

Worship at CityReach Church Endicott.

CityReach Church Las Vegas East

CityReach Church Las Vegas East offers a pancake breakfast before their service.

CityReach greeting sign

See you next week!

This Launch Sunday is just the beginning. We are believing God will do extraordinary things through each of these churches and in each of these cities, as we have seen since CITYREACH NETWORK’s inception in 2010. Join us in this exciting expectation!

To our pastors, thank you. You are the heroes on this journey.

To our partners, thank you! Together we can reach more and reach deeper. We want to especially thank Reach Northeast, Church Multiplication Network, Association of Related Churches, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, the Maritimes District, the Quebec District, Convoy of Hope, Georgia Assemblies of God, the Peninsular Florida District, and the SoCal Network.

To find out more about CityReach Church Miramar Pines, click here:

Click here to hear from Pastor Brian about Launch Weekend!
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