Finding a Community Through Volunteering

When Sarah became a Christian last year, she knew she wanted to become active in a community of believers that had come from broken places. Sarah walked into CityReach Church Pittsburgh for the first time and immediately felt like she belonged.

“I came from a place where I was seeking truth in all the wrong places. Now I am seeking Christ in truth and spirit supported by a community of beautifully broken people.”– Sarah


Right away, Sarah started volunteering with the homeless outreach ministry of the church. Nearly every Saturday, a group visits homeless camps around Pittsburgh to build relationships with people who are living there and offer hope through food, fellowship, and a community to belong to.

CityReach Church Pittsburgh outreach
CityReach Church Pittsburgh Volunteers

Shortly after, Sarah also started helping with the children’s ministry. During the Sunday church services, Sarah and her co-leader run CityKidz, which aims to help kids learn more about God and become comfortable in church. The leaders of CityKidz plan ahead with games, activities, and lessons to share on Sunday morning. “It’s good for me to go back to basics, too. When I’m down here, I’m learning right alongside of the kids. They ask such simple questions and it’s been awesome to see how open their minds are,” Sarah said.


Being a part of the family at CityReach Church Pittsburgh has impacted Sarah in big ways.

“It’s been really significant to make changes in my life within a community of people that are in recovery. I needed that and it came at the right time.”– Sarah

Sarah also volunteers at the women’s Hope Home and as a hospitality volunteer setting up the coffee station in the lobby of the church. Sarah’s hand is in many different ministries of the church and she has thrived being able to use her skills and talents to bring life to the church. Sarah is currently in school for art education and is in the process of redesigning and decorating the kids’ space in the church.

Church nursery


Above all, Sarah describes that she has grown deeply in her faith through being a part of the church and volunteering with other church-goers. “Being a part of this church community has helped me realize that I’m not defined by what I’ve done. We are who we answer to and what God has called us to be. I grew up with the idea that addicts are always addicts and we are what we’ve done, but now I believe that we’re all redeemable through Christ and we can choose to be set free,” Sarah said.

This story is part 1 of a 4 part volunteer spotlight series. To get involved in a CityReach Church near you, check out our locations here:

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