Handing Out Hope

Two months ago, on Palm Sunday, Pastor John Alarid and his wife Hannah stopped on their way to church to talk to a woman who was panhandling a block away from CityReach Church Springfield. They gave her some money, shared a few words of hope, and invited her to church.

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Renewed Life

When he was young, Todd Marshall frequently got into fights with his family, neighbors, and classmates at school. To escape from life’s troubles and to find belonging, Todd started drinking and smoking pot at 15.

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God Forgives All

Written by Bethany Jarmul | A year and a half ago, Dottie Simmons was a homeless drug-addict and prostitute. Today, she is living completely for God and has had her life restored and redeemed by the Holy Sprit, after graduating from the CityReach Women’s Home in Pittsburgh.

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