My Darkest Moment

It was at his darkest moment, in 2012, sitting in his driveway that Barry realized something needed to change. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he cried out to God; begging Him to change his life and to reveal Himself.

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Don’t Settle for “Popcorn” Leadership

Written by Russ Cambria | Too often, church planters, pastors, and leaders of nonprofit organizations, due to a lack of support, suffer from what I like to call a “popcorn leadership” epidemic.

April 18th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, LeadersSECTION FOR :

Mystery of the Stump

Written by Natalie Bolt | A while ago, I was taking a walk and happened upon a stump in the woods. For some reason, I stopped to look at it and was reminded of a scripture – a scripture of change; a scripture of life.

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God Keeps His Promises

Shawn has a desire to reach the world, and that world has come to Los Angeles. From the moment he accepted God’s call on his life to plant a church, Shawn knew that he wanted to plant a multi-cultural, multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic church.

March 9th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, StoriesSECTION FOR :

Leadership: Keeping in Step

Written by Deana Leone | No matter our position in a particular setting, we rely on Jesus to take the lead. That means that our role is to follow His lead, or what Paul, in Galatians 5:25 calls keeping “in step with the Spirit.”

February 16th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, LeadersSECTION FOR :

Called in a Crash

After 15 hours of constructive surgery on his face, lying in a hospital bed with 30 broken bones from his cheekbones to his left arm, Andrew DeRier felt God leading him to something radically different than his original life plan.

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Expectancy Changes Everything

Written by Brian Bolt | Life is busy and in the middle of distractions and routines, it can be difficult to hear from God. Sometimes it even feels like what God spoke to our hearts just isn’t coming to pass.

January 30th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, LeadersSECTION FOR :

Why Should I Fast?

Written by Mark Novales | Fasting is such a powerful tool that we often take for granted as followers of Jesus. Many times we don’t prioritize fasting. We see in Matthew chapter 4 that Jesus understood the importance of fasting as he fasted for 40 days right before his ministry would launch.

January 25th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, LeadersSECTION FOR :

Backward is the New Forward

Written by Jason Cooper | Have you ever considered how your perspective would change if what you experienced actually happened backward?

January 18th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, LeadersSECTION FOR :

Three Words That Changed My Life

Written by Natalie Bolt | If you’re anything like me, at some point during your spiritual journey, you may have considered this question, “How do I hear from God?”.

January 11th, 2017   -  Section : Church Plants, Pastor's WivesSECTION FOR :