Hope and Freedom in the Projects

Written by Dave Danks| Dave, church planter in Richmond, VA, shares his heart for Gilpin Court and how he believes hope and freedom are on its way.


Road to Relationship

Written by Tyler Patterson | When I was young, I attended a Presbyterian church with my family. Unfortunately, it became part of a routine and I was just going through the motions. There was no real emotional or life investment.

A Punch to the Gut

Written by Denise Grogan | The day I was told that I had cancer was like a punch to the gut but through this experience, I learned hands-on, how to lean into God just a little bit closer.

The Missing Piece

Written by Melissa Bellan | I knew of God, but I really didn’t know God. I would go to church, sing hymns, and listen to the word. I would enjoy doing this week after week, but something was missing.

My Darkest Moment

It was at his darkest moment, in 2012, sitting in his driveway that Barry realized something needed to change. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he cried out to God; begging Him to change his life and to reveal Himself.

Don’t Settle for “Popcorn” Leadership

Written by Russ Cambria | Too often, church planters, pastors, and leaders of nonprofit organizations, due to a lack of support, suffer from what I like to call a “popcorn leadership” epidemic.

Have You Marked the Spot in Your Life Where You Died…to Sin?

Written by Greg Krowitz | In your life have you spiritually, figuratively or maybe even physically marked the spot where you’ve died to sin while in fellowship with God through friendship with Christ then, in relationship with the Holy Spirit, been resurrected; raised up to new life?

God’s Two-Fold Understanding

Written by Cathy Dutko | I came to the Lord in 1975 after years of searching for the meaning of life and trying to fill the voids with just about everything a “hippie” lifestyle offered. Since then, I have experienced many struggles where I desperately needed to know He was there and He understood my pain.

Mystery of the Stump

Written by Natalie Bolt | A while ago, I was taking a walk and happened upon a stump in the woods. For some reason, I stopped to look at it and was reminded of a scripture – a scripture of change; a scripture of life.


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