Now Go

Written by David Smith | When we allow God to use us, knowing and understanding it’s not about us; that salvation isn’t a result of us, the pressure is lifted. It’s God's job to save. Our job is putting the love of Christ on full display and relying 100% on Him.


Enjoy This Song

Written by Nathan Kollar | I still press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me, but I do it from a posture of rest and joy, rather than one of striving and anxiety.

Ready? Why You’re Never Ready

Written by Alex Soler | We can simply go with the flow of a suffering culture, or we can accept the empowerment from our boss, Jesus Christ, and influence others for Him.

The Evangelist in All of Us

Written by Fernando DeCarvalho | Somehow the gospel has become something only professional evangelists should proclaim, and the rest of the body does what they are “supposed” to do; as if “proclaiming” was a job for some instead of a privilege for all.

Robe, Ring, and Fattened Calf

Written by Bill Carson | In the story of the Prodigal Son, there are two sons: the one who ran away and the one who stayed. Each had an inheritance from their father.

3 Essential Factors for Living a Fearless Life

Written by Matt Smith | As I approached a moment of uncertainty, this feeling of fear had me backed into a corner once again. Fear has kept me from going after opportunities, taking important risks, and giving everything I had to follow my dreams.

Road to Relationship

Written by Tyler Patterson | When I was young, I attended a Presbyterian church with my family. Unfortunately, it became part of a routine and I was just going through the motions. There was no real emotional or life investment.

A Punch to the Gut

Written by Denise Grogan | The day I was told that I had cancer was like a punch to the gut but through this experience, I learned hands-on, how to lean into God just a little bit closer.

The Missing Piece

Written by Melissa Bellan | I knew of God, but I really didn’t know God. I would go to church, sing hymns, and listen to the word. I would enjoy doing this week after week, but something was missing.


The One Conference Save the Date