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Andrew Grubb and his wife Michelle grew up in the church. Each of them attended bible college and served as youth pastors, but something was still missing. “We have experienced our fair share of hurt in church and had come to a point where we were content to just attend a church and live a normal life.”

Then, they found CityReach Cumberland. “While we listened to Pastor Steve and Holly Grylls speak about the vision of CityReach and the Hope Homes, we knew God was calling us to be a part of it,” Andrew described.

They joined the launch team of the Cumberland, Maryland church and grew under the leadership of Pastor Steve and Holly. Soon after, they met with Brian Bolt and decided to pursue church planting.

We connected so much to CityReach and the vision of reaching the unchurched and the dechurched. We love getting outside of the four walls of the church and actually reaching the one! – Pastor Andrew Grubb

Both Andrew and Michelle were originally from just outside of Ashland, Kentucky. When they were young, their families moved to Cumberland and they met in middle school. Ever since, they have always felt a longing to return to Ashland. “That is where we belong,” they said.

At the Leader’s Advance Conference last fall, Andrew and Michelle spent time seeking God’s will on where to plant a church. “We needed to have more than just a feeling this was right, so we asked for something in black and white.” After the conference, the pair drove back to their hotel and went inside. Michelle realized she forgot something and ran back out to the parking lot. In that time, two cars had pulled in beside the Grubbs’ car. On car had an Ohio license plate and the other had a Kentucky license plate. And…the cars were black and white. “Ashland, KY is located right across the Ohio River from Ohio. What are the chances that in Pittsburgh, PA there would be two cars pulled beside us with those license plates and in those colors?” Andrew said. “That is when we knew that God was in this and we were ready to leap!”

White and black parked cars

While in Cumberland, Andrew and Michelle spent time discipling people in the Hope Homes. There was one man in the Home whose life they saw radically transform. When he graduated, the Grubbs celebrated with his family and the church. Now, he wants to give back. “He has become a valuable asset to our team in sound and media. He has felt called to relocate to Ashland with us and will be a part of our launch team. Eventually, he will be our Hope Home Director,” Andrew shared.

Andrew and Michelle, along with their four kids, are eager to serve the community of Ashland.

CityReach Church Ashland

You cannot put a price on a life set free from addiction or families being reunited because they now have a foundation in God. Helping someone find their purpose in life and watching them come alive is so rewarding! – Pastor Andrew Grubb

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