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CityReach Network is a church planting organization located at 8000 Brooktree Rd. Wexford, Pennsylvania 15090, 1 (724) 719-2903

Handing Out Hope

Two months ago, on Palm Sunday, Pastor John Alarid and his wife Hannah stopped on their way to church to talk to a woman who was panhandling a block away from CityReach Church Springfield. They gave her some money, shared a few words of hope, and invited her to church.

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IGNITE Week 2016

IGNITE Week is a 3-day leadership training experience and celebration hosted by Reach Northeast and CITYREACH NETWORK. This is not just for church planters. It’s for church leaders & staff members, worship leaders, business leaders, and anyone looking to grow as a leader!

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Every Woman’s Everest: Overcoming Life’s Mountains

On April 21, 2016, CityReach Pittsburgh hosted their women’s spring event, where Natalie Bolt spoke on “Every Woman’s Everest.” Natalie shared on facing and overcoming life’s mountains and also highlighted several mountains in the Bible which we can look to in different seasons of life for strength, encouragement, and wisdom.

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Miracles in Johnstown

CityReach Church Johnstown is just a month away from their first Festival of Hope, which will take place May 20-21 in Johnstown, PA. The festival will feature live music, concessions, local bands, and a message of hope by international speaker Johannes Amritzer.

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