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CityReach Network is a church planting organization located at 8000 Brooktree Rd. Wexford, Pennsylvania 15090, 1 (724) 719-2903

The Unlikely Pastor

“Lord, I’ll do anything you want me to do, but please do not ask me to be a pastor or a missionary.” These were the words that Russ Cambria spoke to God several years ago on his way home from work one day.

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A Power Stronger Than Evil

My family background was pretty rough and I experienced a lot of problems. I now use my experiences as a means to communicate the reality of evil and – more importantly – the power of the gospel to change people.

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Biggest Launch Ever

This fall, we’ll be taking part in our biggest launch ever! September 18, 2016 marks National Church Planting Day and CITYREACH NETWORK is launching 28 churches all over the US and in Canada! We can’t wait to see the miracles God will do in these communities as we reach the one.

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Meet the Leaders: Jon Shaffer

Pastor Jon Shaffer and his wife Christine launched the very first CityReach Church plant in Braddock, PA in 2009. In 2014, they launched their second church, CityReach Church Swissvale. After coming out of a life of drugs and crime, Jon desires to see people overcome what once tried to destroy him and help them reach their full potential in Christ.

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Meet the Leaders: Mark Novales

Mark Novales grew up in East Chicago, Indiana. He was raised in a Spanish Pentecostal church in an area with a lot of gang activity. At 17 years old, Mark joined the army and shortly afterwards he had an encounter with God and gave his life to the Lord.

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Meet the Leaders: Bobby Bledsoe

In 2005, Bobby Bledsoe felt the call to move to Maine. There, he attended Bible college and met his wife. Then he felt the call to plant a church. He asked God, “send me to the darkest place, where nobody wants to go.”

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Meet the Leaders: Brian and Natalie Bolt

After Brian Bolt discovered his calling to become a pastor and church planter, he relocated to Pittsburgh and launched the first CityReach Church and Hope Home in 2006. The church quickly took off and Pastor Brian founded CITYREACH NETWORK in 2010, which exists to plant life-giving churches and provide support for their lifetime.

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From the Mission Field: Coming Home

Written by Heidi Allison | This week has been a whirlwind. From the moment we stepped off the plane to the moment we started our journey back home, our team has been moving, like busy bees in and out of their hive with their focus on one goal.

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From the Mission Field: Deliverance

Written by Heidi Allison | Directly in front of me is the stage. To my left, I see tens of thousands of people who are here at the festival. “Tonight will be a night of deliverance,” Johannes Amritzer roars from the stage.

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From the Mission Field: Healing

Written by Heidi Allison | We arrived at Kazo Grounds enormously excited, yet also nervous. What was about to happen?! For many, this was our first time experiencing anything like this. Others were well-seasoned in SOS festivals and had been coaching us on what to expect.

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